I forgot I’m not all that fond of cinnamon dolce lattes… Waaay too much cinnamon.

Oh well. I will enjoy it none the less. Ooomnomnom extra shots of espresso.


I’m laughing because people are going “IT’S NOT A FRISBEE IT’S AN IDENTITY DISC” and yes, yes I know it’s an identity disc, but it’s thrown like a fucking frisbee and before I ever saw the original Tron I used to play with frisbees that looked very much like this:


So my immediate reaction, when I saw it in Tron and when they were throwing it, because it was a similar shape and utilized in the same way, was HEY A FRISBEE!

Even though that’s technically a “flying ring” whatever it’s a fucking frisbee to me and always has been.

Identity frisbee.

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My ass is gonna roll out of bed at the ass-crack of dawn tomorrow morning and head straight to my car to treat myself to Starbucks (I WROTE STARBUCKY AGAIN I GIVE UP) because hell yeah another gift card and also I just feel like shit so I’m gonna treat myself.

I need a “Starbucky” mug.

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Today is one of those days where I should definitely be paying attention to the whole “think before you speak” saying only I’m not and I’m just so tired and really just stuck my foot in my mouth but just.

I really want to sleep for like a week and recharge.

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My dash tonight is basically all about whether or not people want to have kids and it’s kind of hilarious. But brings up a good point as to how people should be allowed to desire what they want out of their lives, whether it’s to get married and have kids or to do neither of those things, to adopt children, or, hell, to think of their pets as their babies. I mean, everyone’s lives are different and we all want different things and we should strive for those things no matter what anyone says! Don’t feel pressured because of what others tell you! It’s YOUR life, live it the way you feel would be most fulfilling to YOU, not anyone else! Too many people give unwanted opinions in regard to how people should live their lives, and it can be so super frustrating.

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ugh my mom really wants me to yield spawn but I really don’t. But she’s accepted the fact that I don’t want kids (and the fact that I may not ever get married lmao). I’m sorry dude.

God, same. I just don’t understand. Well, okay, I DO understand, to an extent, but I don’t see kids in my life. I’ve thought about it before, how things would change, and I’m just like holy shit no. I am admittedly super selfish with how I spend my time and if I had to give it up for a wee babe I would be the angriest person known to man. I just can’t. And that’s my choice.

And who knows, maybe when I’m older that might change but, hell, marriage isn’t even on the horizon, it hasn’t even come to mind, much less a KID. (I mean, hell, I think about getting a pet and I’m like DANG RESPONSIBILITY IDK. And I’d much rather have a pup or hedgehog or ferret running around than a child.)

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I wish some folks understood that being good with kids does not mean you WANT kids.

I’m good with kids because my ass isn’t dealing with them every day of my life. I can put effort into the kiddos when I’m around them for only a handful of hours every few days or whatever. But if I had to actually CARE for one? Everyday? My own life and blood? A kid that popped out of me? That is a WHOLE DIFFERENT STORY. (Not counting that I would just be fucking anxious mess all the damn time, even worse than I am now, and that’s is just a huge NOPE on the kids front.)

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