Gonna start jotting down comic idea stuff this weekend during whatever down time I have. So far, all I have in my mind is something super gorey with superhero boyfriends and psychokinesis stuff. Maybe. Maybe psychokinesis stuff. If I can think of a general plot with it that doesn’t turn into this long-winded thing.


I really need to find an 11x17 clipboard. Preferably not online. Because there are some things I just need to buy in person so I can hold it in my hands and see if I like it and clipboards are one of those things.

This is frustrating.


So I’m trying to think of what like… “group” Bucky would usually associate with in the thing with punk!Steve. Hipster? Jock? Part of me is really leaning toward dancer/dancing/that kinda thing idk. Like he and Natasha have been involved in ballet for YEARS and have expanded into other areas of dance as well… Idk. For Natasha it’s a true passion, for Bucky it’s something he just really enjoys and uses it as stress relief and a way to unwind and spend time with friends. He’s actually just a huge nerd. Maybe super involved with the sciences or engineering or something. (I still can’t get over the fact that he’s such a nerd that he took Steve to a science expo before leaving. And was apparently quite the promising student. I don’t even know, man.)

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